Ramadan Special

Curried Chicken and Dumplings

Kozhi Pidi – Steamed rice dumplings in Chicken gravy – Ramadan Special Recipe

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Kozhi pidi is a traditional dish of kerala. This dish is mainly made during the ...

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Thari Kachiyathu

Thari Kanji Recipe – Thari kaachiyathu – rava payasam Ramadan special

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Thari Kanji / Thari Kachiyathu / Rava Payasam is one of my favorite Iftar Dish. ...

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Pathiri circles from the rolled out dough

Neypathal – Deep Fried Rice Roti – Ney Pathiri – Malabar Ramadan recipe

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Deep Fried Rice Roti ( Neypathal ) is one of the favorite traditional recipe of ...

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