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I am not a good cook but I always try to make new recipes. I also love to eat and to see my family enjoy something that I...

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Know about top 10 antioxidant foods

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Food news, Health News | Tags : ,

Do you know that antioxidants can help prevent heart disease and cancer, reduce blood pressure and slow the effects of ageing? These naturally occurring compounds protect the body from excess free radicals, sweeping them up before they can cause damage. And the best way to lay an antioxidant-rich foundation that’s... more

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Consuming Less Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Reduce Kidney Stone Risk

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Beverage News, Health News | Tags : , ,

Twenty percent of American males and 10 percent of American females will experience a kidney stone at some point in their lifetime. Often, these patients will be advised to drink more fluids as a way to prevent future stone formation. Now, new research from Brigham and Women”s Hospital finds that... more

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Green Tea has Small Effect on Cholesterol

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Beverage News, Food news, Health News | Tags : , ,

Green tea, taken in capsule or drunk as beverage can lower the ‘bad’ cholesterol level, according to a US study. Study was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association wherein, the past twenty clinical trials were analysed. The trials included in this review included a total of 1,415... more

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Many ‘healthy snacks’ are high in calories

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Food news, Health News | Tags : , ,

It is the time of year when research about diet and exercise makes a big splash in the headlines, but today the Daily Mail warned that dieters should steer clear of seemingly healthy dips and spreads that are actually high in calories. The newspaper highlighted warnings that hummus, which is widely thought... more

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Miracle foods: a special report

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Food Myths And Facts, Food news, Health News | Tags : , ,

“Curry could save your life.” “Beetroot can fight dementia.” “Asthma risk linked to burgers.” Every day there’s a new crop of seemingly life-changing headlines about how the food we eat affects our health. Food stories are one of the most common topics that Behind the Headlines covers, accounting for about one... more

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The Eight Most Popular Diets – Diet News

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Diet And Disease, Diet News, Food and Nutrition News, Food news, Health News, Healthy Food | Tags : , , , ,

Nutrition News

The word diet comes from Old French dieteand Medieval Latin dieta meaning “a daily food allowance”. The Latin word diaeta and Greek word diaita mean “a way of life, a regimen”. According to Medilexicon`s medical dictionary, a diet means “1. Food and drink in general. 2. A prescribed course of eating and drinking in which the amount and kind of food,... more

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Study Finds That Drinking Water Has Little Or No Effect On Resting Energy Expenditure

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Beverage News, Drinking Water News, Health News | Tags : , , , ,

Nutrition News

A study presented at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Liverpool has found that drinking distilled water has virtually no effect on resting energy expenditure, while mineral water has only a very small effect. The research is by Nathalie Charrière and Professor Abdul Dulloo at the University of Fribourg,... more

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Beetroot's effect on blood pressure is uncertain

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Food news, Health News, Vegetable News | Tags : , ,

“Beetroot “can lower blood pressure”,” BBC News confidently reports. But the truth about whether beetroot can really lower your blood pressure is a little more unclear than the headlines suggest. The news comes from a study looking at the effect of nitrates on blood pressure in rats and a very small... more

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