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2 Cups of Cow’s Milk Ideal for Kids

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Most parents when it comes to giving milk to their children tend to think, the more, the merrier. In contradiction to popular belief scientists now say that two cups of cow’s milk a day is the proper amount needed to maintain adequate vitamin D and iron levels. [Read: Surprising Health Benefits... more

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Fast-food ‘link’ to child asthma and eczema

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“Fast food and takeaways linked to surge in child asthma and allergies,” reports The Guardian. Along with many other papers, it reports on a study attempting to shed light on one of the enduring medical mysteries of recent times – what explains the sharp rise in allergic conditions that has occurred... more

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Soft Drink Raises Man’s Risk of Prostate Cancer

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A recent study by Swedish professors suggests that just one soft drink a day may increase the risk of developing more serious forms of the cancer such as prostate cancer by 40 per cent. [Read: Prostate Cancer Treatment Options] The researchers at the Lund Universityassessed health of more than 8,000 men aged... more

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Health benefits of ginger

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Healthy benefits of ginger

Ginger is a common name for Zingiber Offiicinate was originally cultivated in China and now equally spread around the world. Ginger is a herb but it often known as a spice with a strong distinct flavour that can increase in production of saliva. The ginger root is not actually a... more

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Pure, white and deadly

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Food news, Health News, Salt News | Tags : ,

Salt may be a hidden killer but as health campaigners call for regulations, the picture keeps shifting. Geoff Cumming sifts through the evidence Give the food police credit for trying. Knocked back on calls for maximum sugar limits, junk food advertising bans and school tuckshop restrictions, some health experts now... more

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Watermelon May Prevent Heart Diseases

By: IreneTreesa | 0 Comments | | Category: Food news, Health Benefits, Health Benefits Of Fruits, Health News, Weight Loss Tips | Tags : , , , ,

A watermelon slice everyday can shield you from heart diseases and weight gain, suggest the researchers from the Purdue University in US. Watermelon was found to be effective in preventing the build-up of harmful cholesterol. Moreover, the fruit helped control weight gain and resulted in fewer fatty deposits within blood vessels. In... more

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Health Benefits of an Apple – Eat an Apple a day keeps the doctor away

By: MaherBan | 0 Comments | | Category: Cancer Treatment, Diabetes News, Diet Control Tips, Diet News, Disease Prevention, Food and Nutrition News, Food news, Health & Fitness, Health Benefits, Health News, Healthy Eating, Healthy Food, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Tips | Tags : , , , ,

Health Benefits of an Apple: Apple (Malus domestica) is one of the most popular fruit around the world. It is cultivated world wide as a fruit tree belonging to the rose family. This fleshy and sweet fruit is the favorite of most of the people. Apple is considered truly a gift of... more

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Four cups of coffee a day ‘protects against bowel cancer’

By: IreneTreesa | 0 Comments | | Category: Beverage Benefits, Health Benefits, Health News | Tags : , ,

‘Six cups of coffee a day could cut the risk of bowel cancer by 40 per cent’ the Daily Mail explains, while The Daily Telegraph points out that just ‘four cups a day’ leads to a 15% rate of reduction. The news follows a long-term study that tracked the behaviour... more

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