Kerala Churuttu Recipe കേരള ചുരുട്ട് – Kottayam churuttu Recipe

Kerala Churuttu Recipe - കേരള ചുരുട്ട് RecipeKerala Churuttu Recipe - കേരള ചുരുട്ട് RecipeKerala Churuttu Recipe - കേരള ചുരുട്ട് RecipeKerala Churuttu Recipe - കേരള ചുരുട്ട് RecipeKerala Churuttu Recipe - കേരള ചുരുട്ട് RecipeKerala Churuttu Recipe - കേരള ചുരുട്ട് RecipeKerala Churuttu Recipe - കേരള ചുരുട്ട് Recipe
  • Yield : 250
  • Servings : 4
  • Prep Time : 30m
  • Cook Time : 20m
  • Ready In : 2:50 h

Kerala Churuttu Recipe – കേരള ചുരുട്ട് Recipe

Kerala Churuttu Recipe – കേരള ചുരുട്ട് Recipe reminds us the traditional taste that we may have tasted but quite a long ago. The traditional food items are always splendid in their texture and taste, which is also very healthy and nutritious.

Kerala Churuttu Recipe - Kottyam chruttu recipe

Kerala Churuttu Recipe – കേരള ചുരുട്ട് Recipe


Kerala Churuttu Recipe is a traditional (mainly Kottyam) snack item of Kerala. It is made with all purpose flour. The filling consists of avalose podi which is the main ingredient of this recipe. The remarkable shape of the churuttu is also very attractive.

Kerala Churuttu are enjoyed by all ages. The elders and children will equally love this snack item. It is one of the traditional Kerala snack item which every one has to try. Try and enjoy…

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  • All purpose flour / maida - 1 cup
  • Oil - ½ tsp
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Salt a pinch
  • For making the filling:
  • Avalose podi - 2 cup
  • Sugar - 1 1/4 cup
  • Water - 3/4 cup
  • Lemon juice - 1 1/2 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Vanilla essence - 1/4 tsp


Step 1

Mix all purpose flour (maida), oil and salt in a bowl. Add water little by little and mix it. Knead the flour into soft and smooth dough. Keep it aside for 10 minutes to become soft and fluffy.

Step 2

Make smooth round balls from the dough. Dip each balls in fine rice flour and roll each ball into a wafer-thin round sheets, and cut the sheets 5” in diameter. Dust the sheets with flour on one side only so that the sheets does not dry out.

Step 3

Lightly cook one side of the sheets on a medium hot griddle for just 30 seconds. The all purpose flour sheets must still be soft.

Step 4

Keep the cooked sheets in a banana leaf to make it soft and pliable.

Step 5

Meanwhile prepare the filling.

Step 6

To make the filling, bring water to boil in a pan and add sugar. Stir until it dissolves.

Step 7

Cook the syrup until it reaches a thread like consistency, then add lemon juice,cardamom powder and vanilla essence.

Step 8

Keep aside 2 teaspoons of sugar syrup.

Step 9

Add avalose podi to the rest of the syrup and mix well.

Step 10

To make the Churuttu:- Cut each sheet into half and wet the edge of each half with the sugar syrup that kept aside.

Step 11

Shape each into cone with dry side inside and seal the cone.

Step 12

Stuff each cone with 1 tablespoon of filling. Fill up to the quarter of the cones. Press the tops and seal the edges.

Step 13

Keep aside for 2 hours until the syrup from the filling has moistened and seep down into the pastry.

Step 14

Tasty Kerala Churuttu are ready to serve.

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