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2 Cups of Cow’s Milk Ideal for Kids

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Most parents when it comes to giving milk to their children tend to think, the more, the merrier. In contradiction to popular belief scientists now say that two cups of cow’s milk a day is the proper amount needed to maintain adequate vitamin D and iron levels. [Read: Surprising Health Benefits... more

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Is milk from grass-fed cows more heart-healthy?

By: Christina Thomas | 0 Comments | | Category: Food news, Health News, Milk News | Tags : , ,

If milk does the heart good, it might do the heart better if it comes from dairy cows grazed on grass instead of on feedlots, according to a new study. Liesbeth A Smit, Ana Baylin, and Hannia Campos.Conjugated linoleic acid in adipose tissue and risk of myocardial infarction AJCN2010. Earlier experiments... more

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