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Catchy Vegetable Names Make Kids Eat Greens

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Catchy vegetable names can convince kids to eat them, suggests a new study. Researchers at Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab observed that kids have an aversion of vegetables, but they can be convinced if you rename veggies with a catchy name. The researchers examined study pattern of the 147 students ranging... more

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Replacing sugary drinks with non-caloric drinks limits weight gain in children

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Amid fervid criticism that New York City risks becoming a nanny state, city health officials this month banned the sale of supersize sugar-laden drinks in restaurants and movie theaters. Now scientists have handed the ban’s advocates a potent weapon: strong evidence that replacing sugared drinks with sugar-free substitutes or water... more

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Diabetes on Rise Among Youth

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A new analysis showing a 23% jump in Type 1 diabetes among American youth is giving fresh impetus to researchers looking at whether environmental factors or behavior can influence the onset of the autoimmune disease. Among the theories is the possibility that faster growth and weight gain early in life... more

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