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Catchy Vegetable Names Make Kids Eat Greens

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Catchy vegetable names can convince kids to eat them, suggests a new study. Researchers at Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab observed that kids have an aversion of vegetables, but they can be convinced if you rename veggies with a catchy name. The researchers examined study pattern of the 147 students ranging... more

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Soup Could Reduce Asthma Risk In Kids

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A new study will be conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen to reveal whether soups enhanced with food that contains vitamin E may help reduce the chance of childhood asthma.  Baxter Food Group in Scotland is working closely in collaboration with the experts to develop 3 soups containing... more

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Kids and Healthy Food Choices

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Every meal should be a happy meal! From early on, kids begin to develop preferences for certain foods and dislikes for others. It is important for parents to understand that their children have different nutritional needs at each age based on their growth and development. The nutritional benefits infants and... more

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