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Can coffee help you beat diabetes?

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Coffee help you beat diabetes

Drinking more coffee could help prevent diabetes, according to Harvard scientists. People who boost their coffee intake by more than a cup a day have an 11 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes, according to the study.  Scientists at Harvard School of Public Health looked at data on almost 100,000 female... more

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Eating white rice daily increases diabetes risk

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White rice is a dietary staple for more than half the world’s population – not just for people living in China, India, and Japan, but for many Americans as well. A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health shows people who eat lots of white rice may significantly... more

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Sugary soft drinks linked to raised risk of diabetes – Beverage News

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‘One soft drink a day increases Type 2 diabetes risk by a fifth,’ The Independent warns, reporting on a European study that has examined the relationship between type 2 diabetes and sugary drinks. The study – one of the largest of its kind – found strong links between sugary drink consumption and an increase in a person’s... more

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