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The big picture: the world is getting wider

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IT IS LUNCHTIME at Eastside Elementary School in Clinton, Mississippi, the fattest state in the fattest country in the Western world. Uniformed lunch ladies stand at the ready. Nine-year-olds line up dutifully, trays in hand. Yes to chocolate casino spiele milk, yes to breaded chicken sandwiches, yes to baked beans,... more

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What Your Neighborhood Says About Your Health

By: Ryhana | 0 Comments | | Category: Food news, Health News, Healthy Food | Tags : , ,

Where you live may determine how healthy you are or can hope to be, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Researchers using a geographic information system (GIS) found that access to quality food outlets and opportunities to be physically active can make communities not... more

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How Big Food won the childhood obesity war

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In the political arena, one side is winning the war on child obesity. The side with the fattest wallets. After aggressive lobbying, Congress declared pizza a vegetable to protect it from a nutritional overhaul of the school lunch program this year. The White House kept silent last year as Congress... more

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