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Cocoa consumption shown to reduce blood pressure

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(NaturalNews) Record heat and drought conditions across much of the country make it pretty difficult to think about the approaching winter, but once it gets here why not supplement your diet with a little cocoa? Not only does it taste good, new research shows it could be very good for... more

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Seven toxic foods, drinks, and additives to cut out of your diet for good

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(NaturalNews) With so much conflicting information out there about which foods are healthy and which foods are not, it can be difficult for many people to determine how best to approach a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well. But a good place to start is to avoid these seven toxic... more

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Did you know that ‘natural foods’ can still contain GMOs? The main difference between ‘organic’ and ‘natural’

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(NaturalNews) Have you ever wondered what “natural” and “organic” mean on labels? If so, you’re not alone. Food labels today are filled with a number of ingredients that are barely pronounceable, let alone common enough to know what they actually are. The good news is that with more and more... more

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Milk Consumption By Children Declining But Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Not The Cause

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National data indicate that milk consumption has declined among children while consumption of sweetened beverages of low nutritional quality has more than doubled. Although this suggests that sugar-sweetened beverages may have replaced more nutritious drinks in children’s diets, a new study suggests that in fact changes in children’s milk consumption... more

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Junk food is more expensive than healthy food

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Is it really more expensive to eat healthy? An Agriculture Department study released Wednesday found that most fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods cost less than foods high in fat, sugar and salt. That counters a common perception among some consumers that it’s cheaper to eat junk food than a... more

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What Are The Top 10 Healthy Foods?

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Imagine a selection of foods that were delicious, nutritious and good for you – i.e. they reduced your risk of developing diseases. According to several different surveys and sources in North America and Western Europe, the following ten foods are generally considered to be the most healthy. 1) Apples Apples are an... more

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