Naruneendi syrup recipe | നറുനീണ്ടി സിറപ്പ് | Nannari Syrup recipe

Naruneendi SyrupNaruneendi syrup recipe | നറുനീണ്ടി സിറപ്പ് | Nannari Syrup recipeNaruneendi SyrupNaruneendi SyrupNaruneendi SyrupNaruneendi SyrupNaruneendi Syrup
  • Yield : 2 bottles
  • Servings : 10
  • Prep Time : 10m
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 40m

Naruneendi syrup recipe | നറുനീണ്ടി സിറപ്പ് | Nannari Syrup recipe

Naruneendi syrup is a healthy and thirst quenching drink. Making this syrup is a bit time consuming process but it is good in taste. This drink helps the body heat cools down, so it is a good choice to have in summers. This is a perfect refreshing drink can be serve to the guests, friends or other family members.

Naruneendi is an Indian medicinal herb and the root of naruneendi has a pleasant smell. It is available in all ayurvedic shops in India, Kerala. It has lots of other health benefits. It is a  good source for blood purifier,  resistance against stomach heat, good for the eyes and skin etc.

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Try this simple syrup recipe and enjoy!

Naruneendi syrup recipe | നറുനീണ്ടി സിറപ്പ് | Nannari Syrup recipe

Naruneendi syrup recipe | നറുനീണ്ടി സിറപ്പ് | Nannari Syrup recipe


  • Naruneendi root - 50 gm
  • Sugar - 500 gm
  • Water - 7 glasses
  • Egg - 1 nos


Step 1

Wash the naruneendi roots in water.

Step 2

Slightly crush the roots using a stone mortar and pestle. The roots are very hard, so slight crushing is enough. Crushing is for better penetration of the naruneendi essence to the water.

Step 3

Take a vessel add crushed roots and 7 glasses of water.

Step 4

Add sugar and mix well. Boil in a medium flame to make syrup. Stir well continuously.

Step 5

When the mixture becomes medium thick, pour egg to it. Stir well. This is done to remove dirt from syrup. Now you can see brown coloured froth above the syrup. Allow to boil for 1 minute. Turn off stove and drain the syrup using a strainer.

Step 6

Healthy, delicious Naruneendi syrup is ready.

Step 7

After getting cool, kept it in glass bottles.

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