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Wonderful Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit

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Wonderful Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit Passion fruit is a perennial woody creeper which is indigenous to the tropical regions of America. Botanically, this exotic fruit belongs to the family of “Passifloraceae”, in the genus “Passiflora”. Passion fruit has a surprising amount of health and medicinal benefits. Passion fruit can... more

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Medicinal Uses & Health Benefits of Drumstick Leaves or Muringayila

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Medicinal Uses & Health Benefits of Drumstick Leaves or Muringayila Moringa Oleifera is the scientific name for the popular drumstick tree. Grown in almost all tropical and sub-tropical regions, this fast-growing, drought-resistant tree is native to southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India. All parts of this tree is useful either as... more

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Amazing Benefits and Uses of Garlic

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Amazing Benefits and Uses of Garlic Garlic, Latin name Allium Sativum, belongs to the onion family Alliaceae including Shallots and Leek. The garlic bulb is divided into sections called cloves. It has been used by humans for thousands of years and was used in Ancient Egypt for both culinary and... more

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Five health-enhancing foods that don’t even seem like health foods: Mustard, cole slaw and more

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When observing the typical diet of American consumers, with all the fried foods, aspartame-laced “diet” products and pasteurized, hormone-ridden dairy products that typical people consume, I sometimes ask myself a question that perhaps you”ve pondered, too: What on Earth is keeping all these people alive? The answers may surprise you.... more

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